Les bases de données sur les transactions financières utilisées par VIA Inno sont :


Cette base offre l’accès à l’ensemble des transactions financières relatives aux rapprochements d’entreprises (M&A, IPO, capital investissement, joint venture...) depuis 1997. L’information sur chaque transaction est enrichie par des données financières.


Dow Jones VentureSource is the venture industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and timely research database. It provides the highest quality data plus deep insights to support deal-sourcing, fund-raising, investment and partnerships.

Browse profiles for some 90,000 VC-financed companies and investment firms worldwide. Search companies, investors by industry, round, region. Evaluate likely investments, deal opportunities or partnerships among VC-backed companies. Compare company valuations or measure performance for any sector, region or deal. See which VCs backed a company and the service providers involved in each financing. Follow developments with venture industry.


S&P Capital IQ provides web-based information services that combine information on companies worldwide along with a variety of software applications that allow financial professionals to analyze company fundamentals, build financial models, screen for investment ideas, and execute other financial research tasks.

Components of Capital IQ’s offering include data on public companies, private companies, auditable company financials, M&A/financing transactions, public offerings, corporate executives and board directors, compensation, news, filings, screening tools, chart builder, Excel Plug-In modeling tool, real-time market data and news, relationship tree, macroeconomic data, industry analyses and investment research.

Mise à jour le 17/06/2014