European Commission :Towards an 'Energy Union': 'We must bridge the gap between research and industry'

"Technology will have an important role to play in helping to secure EU energy independence. According to Dominique Ristori, Directorate General for Energy, technologies are now maturing for a real energy revolution however we still need to bridge the gap between research and industry. The Directorate General elaborated on this point within the context of EU efforts to transform into an 'Energy Union' at a European Policy Centre (EPC) briefing in Brussels. Particularly in the shadow of the crisis in Ukraine, energy is at the heart of the EU's core geopolitical concerns. Our energy dependence and its costs are undeniable, as the Directorate General explained: we import 53 % of all the energy consumed at a cost of more than EUR 1 billion per day. This includes 88 % of our crude oil and 66 % of our natural gas. Six EU Member States are entirely dependent on Russia for their natural gas. Meanwhile three Member States - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania - rely on a single external operator for the operation and balancing of their electricity network. "


Mise à jour le 19/07/2014