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VIA InnoCenter of expertise at the University of Bordeaux
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Benefits and interest

A factor of competitiveness for all stakeholders

Technology Intelligence has long been recognised as a factor in the competitiveness of companies, in particular having a positive impact on their innovation capabilities.

All stakeholders in innovation can benefit from a better understanding of these environments. VIA Inno promotes a progressive increase in awareness among two types of stakeholders in French innovation ecosystems, for which it sees potential benefits:

Companies (start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, major groups).

Incubators, competitiveness clusters.

Public research stakeholders, especially universities and Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishments.

Public authorities for territorial development focused on research and innovation.

Technology Intelligence for the benefit of managing innovation and research

Technology Intelligence used as an essential tool for managing innovation and research can help you to make informed strategic decisions.

Determine the major avenues of research and innovation and have a sound understanding of scientific trends and technologies.

Identify new ideas in innovation, new processes and promising new business models, keeping up to date on external innovation trends.

Focus on your external sourcing to identify partners for innovation projects or technological bricks already developed by others, within your own Open Innovation processes.

Develop opportunities for economic value creation by identifying external stakeholders who might be interested in the technological solutions you have developed.

Challenge your ideas before you reinvent the wheel.”